The Transmission Debacle – Big Thanks to Jonathan Strack


Atlanta, GA – When we started planning for the 2011 Formula Drift season I had a long list of things to do. I put them in categories called MUST DO, WANT TO DO, IF THERE IS TIME TO DO. There was absolutely one thing that was on the MUST DO list when it came to the truck and that was to check the ATF+4 oil in the manual G56 transmission. The transmission had a small leak, so I knew it would be low and towing 15k pounds from Philly to Long Beach on a transmission that wasn’t full of fluid would be a BAAAAD idea…….and I was right. Unfortunately I was not in the Philly area to do this particular job so I had to rely on others to do it…in this partnership, it was decided we would use my truck to tow 2 cars across the country for Formula Drift. Long story short, the transmission fluid was never checked and in New Mexico, it started to self-destruct. How come we never have enough time to do it right, but we always have time to do it over? Lesson learned.

I get the truck to Atlanta and Eugene took on the job of getting it repaired. From what I understand, the truck only had 5th gear. So if you can imagine starting off in 5th gear towing 15k pounds….yeah, the clutch got wasted.
photo 23
Jonathan Strack is a good buddy of mine that likes to help his friends. He runs Strack, Inc, out of Fairburn, GA. He has always been very supportive of my drifting and has been one of my largest sponsors throughout the years. He has been known to go to extraordinary lengths for his friends. This moment was no exception. Eugene got the truck over to his work and he got started right away. Tons of work got done on the truck.

This is what happens when fluid gets low.
photo 43
and broken gears
photo 53
rebuilt driveshaft
photo 11
Jon really pulled through for me on this transmission repair. He did the transmission, a custom clutch, rebuilt driveshaft, new side mirror, new AC blend door and full AC service and recharge as well as all the fluids changed. He even filled the main and aux fuel tanks….not cheap. I mean, when he saw something the truck needed, he just did it. Now that’s a true friend. I can’t thank Jon enough for all his help. Oh yeah, and Eugene too. But Eugene is keeping an imaginary tab, so he is tacking more and more onto my bill, so I think I’m up to 75,000 dollars now or so….the bill keeps adding up….to the moon. But he will never see a dime of it…hahah! He’s my best friend and like a brother to me, only better.

Thank god for good friends like Jon and Eugene; people that do what they say and say what they mean. BFFs 4-ever!
strack inc on truck