Seattle, WA – Round 4 of Formula Drift

Seattle, WA – Evergreen Raceway was the scene for Round 5 of Formula Drift. To start with, I wasn’t too excited to come to the track because last year I found it pretty difficult and ended up not qualifying.

It was a pretty fun 21 hour drive up to Seattle. This time I had my girlfriend with me so she could help out with some of the towing. I forgot to bring a jacket so I was freezing. It’s a bad habit of mine to dress according to where I am and not where I am going. About 4 hours out, Susan took over at the wheel so I could get some sleep. I awoke to her screaming that the truck wouldn’t go…..I snap up and listen for a driveshaft or wheels flying off, but I didn’t hear a thing. I look over at the fuel gauge and the gas light is on and the needle is buried in the red. We dodge the big rigs and get onto the shoulder. Luckily, the 115 gallon fuel tank was full, so we flipped the pump on for a few minutes. No harm, no foul…..we had a good laugh and we’re on our way.
Thursday practice was interesting. It rained for most of the day so they cancelled practice. But somehow, it cleared up later in the day so practice was back on….but only for an hour or so. I got some runs in and felt pretty good about it. The challenge with this track is getting off the bank at the right time, with the right speed and angle.
I qualified really crappy because apparently I don’t do well under pressure anymore….this is news to me. I ended up 31 out of 32 and was paired up with JTP, the leader in the series.
I knew he was fast, not only because he said so in the drivers meeting, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. That car is a rocket ship. But I had a strategy and that was to jump the start and get to the first corner at the same time. I did just that. Then he straightened in front of me on the bank and I practically ripped the ebrake out of my car staying sideways behind him…but I did it!!!
I couldn’t believe he made a mistake like that. I knew my lead run had to be perfect and it was. I got the win!!! Apparently, his clutch had went out and that’s why he wasn’t driving well. Whatever, I’ll take it!

JTP Leading – A video for you guys to see. The camera shakes a bit, but its all I have.

Me Leading

I was happy.
So I got to participate in the top 16 opening ceremonies and I chose the perfect umbrella girl: Joey Redmond from Wrecked Magazine.
Top 16, I was up against Forsberg. I took off from the start and he was really lagging behind. I think I took off too soon. I get in behind him, but the damage is done. I’m a little low on the bank by a few feet, so when we come off the bank, I shoot behind him and end up right in his smoke trail. Man, it was thick and I couldn’t see anything, so I bailed. Hindsight: I should’ve stayed in it.
lost in the smoke.
Chris Leading.

Me Leading Chris

ahh, the life of a driver….jk. Good to see you again Kaylee

On a side note:
I have found some speed lately and its pretty cool. I learned that my car is getting fast and I may not need to jump the starts so much anymore ;)

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Susan – My girlfriend and co-pilot on this trip
Sams Auto Land
Will Kramer – Thanks for painting the car.
Dave Epifano – Thanks for coming out and helping. You found loose ball joints man, NICE WORK!!!
Byron Hill
Alexander Grant vinyl help
Geoff J-wang Stoneback ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!
Mark Lenardon Video stuffs
Sean Smithson missed you buddy, thumbs down you couldn’t make it.