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FD Irwindale – “Sweep the Leg”

FD Irwindale….awesome event, here are some pictures so you get the idea. I blew a transmission in Thursday practice but still managed to make the show for Saturday. Thanks Dave and Ben for the transmission help. Crazy time, lotsa fun. Who says Kendas don’t smoke?

Las Vegas, NV – Formula Drift Round 6 HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!

Las Vegas – Round 6 of Formula Drift It was so dang hot, 110 degrees F in the heat of the day. I brought a portable AC unit to the track, but it was so hot, it overheated immediately and shut off. I rigged something up and it worked fine the rest of the weekend. […]

Seattle, WA – Round 4 of Formula Drift

Seattle, WA – Evergreen Raceway was the scene for Round 5 of Formula Drift. To start with, I wasn’t too excited to come to the track because last year I found it pretty difficult and ended up not qualifying. It was a pretty fun 21 hour drive up to Seattle. This time I had my […]

The Transmission Debacle – Big Thanks to Jonathan Strack

Atlanta, GA – When we started planning for the 2011 Formula Drift season I had a long list of things to do. I put them in categories called MUST DO, WANT TO DO, IF THERE IS TIME TO DO. There was absolutely one thing that was on the MUST DO list when it came to […]

Round 3. West Palm Beach – Stayin’ Outta of Florida

West Palm Beach, Fl – Well, this event was interesting. As you guys may or may not know, the track configuration was revealed before the event. After EOS and Pfeiffer hit the wall, spraying debris into the crowd, the course was changed to a more suitable layout. It was a Road Atlanta entry and the […]

XDC Orlando -UGGG!!!

Orlando, Fl – Beautiful sunny Florida was the setting for Round x of XDC. Well, actually it wasn’t sunny at all. In fact it was raining so hard at one point I think my car completely filled with water. I changed some suspension setting based off of FD RoadA tire wear. It seemed to work […]

LOVE YOU ATLANTA!!! – Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta

Braselton, GA – Round 2 of Formula Drift was set at beautiful Road Atlanta. I love this track. It’s fast and technical. It brings out the vulnerabilities in your car and you. My favorite part of this track is the fans. Of course I love them because a huge group of them are cheering for […]

Dennis Mertzanis is Now Partnered With for Formula Drift 2011

Dennis Mertzanis of Mertzanis Racing has partnered with to promote awareness of homeless animals and the need for adoption. Dennis and longtime girlfriend are no strangers to dog adoption as they have 2 rescue dogs, Buddy and Lola, and have fostered dogs numerous of times. While it is challenging, there is nothing more rewarding […]

KONIG Wheels Signs on as Title Sponsor for Mertzanis Racing Program for 2011 Formula Drift

Los Angeles, Ca – Mertzanis Racing is proud to name Konig Wheels as its title sponsor for the 2011 Formula Drift season. Konig Wheels participated in the program for 2010 and this year has decided to step it up for 2011. If you were at Long Beach for the first Formula Drift event of the […]

Formula Drift Long Beach DONE

Long Beach, Ca – Sunny LA was the location for Formula Drift Round 1. Coming out with new livery, the car also came out in a totally different color. Shaking off the yellow from last year, the red was an abrupt change and welcomed by many people as a good move. As far as the […]