SEMA 2010

Located in Sin City, the SEMA show is the place to be after the seasons ends. My car was at the show pimping in the Kenda Tire booth #40013. The show truly is the greatest show on earth. There is so much to see, its pretty ridiculous. I found an exhaust tip that was like 2 feet in diameter.

KENDA booth


And the models….well, one of them at least. The other one was hiding in the trunk maybe.
I was wondering why I had ass and hand prints all over my windshield at the Englishtown Clinic….here is the reason.

My car was WAAAAY too nice for the SEMA crowd…

I walked around, looked at stuff, talked to people and it was fun. Way too much to see. Its cause for freaking out, cause there is just too much. Dudes changing huge dump truck tires to show you the equipment, crazy stuff around every corner. I recommend it to anyone.

Big thanks to Kenda Tire, Strack Inc and Konig wheels for the help this year. I finally got to meet some of the people that have been helping me this year.

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